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Monday, December 9, 2013

Long Weekend

I'm exhausted from such a long weekend. I pushed my tired self to a craft show on Saturday and ended up paying for it with a day of icky ill. I did however take some photos of a few new pieces while I was at the show.
This is my table. I was alone for the day because my partner had to work. :(
Below I have some little ornaments. The glare from the overhead lights made the candle look like it was really aflame, but I'm not sure how I managed the effect.
 These poinsettias are part of a wreath I'm working on. It's a really slow process, but I'm only got two more flowers then a  handful of leaves to make. The mouse is guarding a pile of boxes. I needed to pile a lot of items because there was so little space on the table that was provided for me. Next year I'll need to get two tables!!!

                I'm going to be working on more or these alphabet boxes. My goal is to have one of each letter in Purple and Teal, as well as Pink and Purple. I also want to work on making one of each letter in a more masculine color scheme. I was thinking Red and Black or maybe Brown and Green to go on the camo side of things.

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