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Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Holidays to come!

I'm working on a lot of projects right now, but I'm looking for ideas for projects once these are finished. On our Facebook page I'm hosting a giveaway. If you give me an idea for a next project you can win a HUGE discount!!! Like us on Facebook: bittersweetpixieknot for more updates on this and future giveaways and promotions!

One of my holiday projects is finished and photographed: These two gingerbread families make really cute window clings, wall hangings, plant pokes, or even Christmas tree ornaments.

One of my next tasks is to learn to take better photos, but today I don't have the time to go through each file to be sure that they open upright. I don't understand why some file open the way they show up on my drive and some flip around, but I'll check them eventually.

Poinsettias, new snowflakes, and baby creations to come!!!

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