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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not a blogger

So, by nature I am not a blogger. It has been weeks since I even thought about this silly site in at least half of that time. I'm posting to make people (not that anyone has looked at this except for me) aware that Cat's Eye Arts has a new section; I now make Cat's Eye Confections. Yes, that's right my very own candy creations!!! Right now it is mostly chocolates in various forms. I have peppermints, cookie dough, cherry cordials, peanut butter, and a few different amazings  (or so I've been told) coffee bites (I don't do like coffee). Other than filled chocolates I've got some different barks.

In other crafting news I'm making a ton of winter and christmas decorations; snowflakes, santas, and cute little bears that hold all sorts of different things. Oh, I almost forgot my current favorite kittens in stockings!!! I also just got some new patterns to make "Kissums" you can squeeze their cheeks and their mouths open; like way too cute!

Do I have any pics of any of this...of course not...lol

Another new thing is some of Levi's chain mail jewelry, but again, there are no pictures in existence. Hmm let me see, I'll add an older pic just so there's something to look at with all these words... hope you (yes I'm still aware no one reads this) like this:

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